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Definition[edit | edit source]

An action is anything that one of your citizens complete; This can be anything from chopping down a tree to creating a sword. It procedurally defines the steps and resources needed to complete a task, which may or may not be automated, along with the time it takes, what priority it takes, and what is created or destroyed, if anything.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Following the tag format, actions are defined between open and closing <action> tags. Next, a unique id is assigned that is transparent to the user; this tells the game what the action is when it's referenced by other elements. If the action will be placed in a menu, a name tag is specified to show text to the user on hover, with an optional esEs parameter for the Spanish translation. If the action will be added to the production menu, you may define the icon with a <generatedItem> tag and a item (such as rmwood). Finally, the action requires a <queue> tag to define the steps townies take in order to do the action.

Queues[edit | edit source]

Queues consist of six tags, which may be used in any order to create the desired effect:

  1. <pick>
  2. <move>
  3. <wait>
  4. <createItem>
  5. <destroyItem />
  6. <unlock />

Pick[edit | edit source]

Pick requires a resource or item. The townie moves to the resource or container, acquires it, and proceeds to the next step.

Move[edit | edit source]

Move, incidentally, moves the townie, along with what they may have created or <pick>'ed up, to the utility specified. (such as masonbench)

Wait[edit | edit source]

Wait ties up the townie, making them hold position and preventing them from doing anything else. Too long of waits, perhaps for expensive items, could lead to starvation. See Unlock for more.

CreateItem[edit | edit source]

Creates the specified item and places it in the townie's hand, replace what--if anything-- was there.

DestroyItem[edit | edit source]

Single line tag that destroys whatever is in the townie's hand.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Frees the townie to do more important things, i.e. eat, sleep.
For very long actions, one may have to use one or more <unlock />'s to prevent the townies from starving; they will not interrupt their action, except to die or on an unlock.
It is unclear if the same townie will finish the action.