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Caravans can be used to buy and sell various items using in-game currency. Once a Market zone is placed down, a caravan may travel into your town and Townsfolk can bring in items to trade. They may bring in rare items acquirable only through trades.

Caravans generally arrive once a week (with the exception of the first week of the game). An arrival of a caravan will trigger an announcement, and a red outline will appear around the caravan icon. Once the caravan has entered your market, you may begin trading.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

The caravan menu can be accessed by clicking the large button on the far right in the top-center section of the UI or by pressing F4.

The Caravan/Market Interface
  1. This value indicates how much money the caravan is willing to spend.
  2. This is how much money you have currently.
  3. This value changes as you begin to choose items you would like to buy or sell. A positive black number indicates how much money you will spend once the trade as been completed. A negative red number indicates how much money you will gain from the end trade. Generally you would want to get as much money from the caravan as possible by selling as many items as you can part with.
  4. This is the caravan's current inventory. In other words, this is what you can currently buy (provided you have enough money). The number on top of the icons represent the cost per item and the value underneath is its current stock. Click on the icons to move them into the buying list.
  5. This is your buying list for the current trade. If you change your mind and want to remove anything from the list, simply click on the item.
  6. This is your selling list for the current trade. Any items you would like to sell will be listed here. If you change your mind and want to take the item back, simply click on it.
  7. This is a list of what the trader is interested in buying. Different caravans may request different items. Click on any of the items you would like to sell to move it to the selling list.
  8. Finally, this the Finish Trade button. Once you are satisfied with your choice of items for the trade, click this button. Keep in mind that once you have clicked this, you cannot edit the trade.

Once you have clicked Finish Trade, the trader will drop the items you have bought on the ground within the market zone. If you do not have enough gold at that moment but sold enough items to afford the items from the trader, those items will be dropped once your civilians have hauled the equivilant value of items to the trader.

Things to note[edit | edit source]

  • You may only trade with a caravan once.
  • Caravans will stay in your town for two days after their arrival so you need to finalize your trade within those two days. Every time a civilian hauls an item to the trader however, the two day timer resets so there is no need to worry once a trade has been initiated.

Types of Caravans[edit | edit source]

If you have a market set up, every week, one of the following caravans will arrive, looking to trade. Each type of caravan trades with different types of items. With the exception of food, caravans may sometimes sell you a special weapon or armor.

Food Caravan[edit | edit source]

Caravan food.png

As the name suggests, this caravan trades any type of food: be it prepared or raw. They even sell fish which also can be obtained by fishing .
Caravan's money: 1d1000+1000 coins

Boat[edit | edit source]

Caravan boat.png

Boat caravans deal with everything related to wood including wood material, wooden weapons, wooden armor and any decorations and furniture with wood as one of its raw materials. It also sells caged farm animals, even those who are not normally available on your map type. Dispite its name, the boat caravan does not sell fish.
Caravan's money: 1d1500+1000 coins

Dwarven Caravan[edit | edit source]

Caravan dwarven.png

Dwarven caravans are great for buying stone and iron related items such as weapons, armor, decorations, furniture and even an anvil. You can sell Raw Materials to them.
Caravan's money: 1d2000+2000 coins

Materials Merchant[edit | edit source]

Caravan person.png

Materials caravans deal with not only raw materials but also raw Vanity materials such as Colors and Hides.
Caravan's money: 1d1000+1000 coins

Pinky Merchant[edit | edit source]

Caravan person.png

No, these merchants don't sell pink specific items. They can sell any type of furniture or decorations. They will buy assorted raw materials off you.
Caravan's money: 1d2000+2000 coins

Military Merchant[edit | edit source]

Caravan person.png

As the name suggests, the military merchant sells wood and iron grade armor and weapons. He also sells different types of Cloth and Leather armor. Military merchants can buy your higher tied weapons and armor.
Caravan's money: 1d2000+2000 coins

Bones Merchant[edit | edit source]

Caravan bones.png

Buys and sells anything related to bones.
Caravan's money: 1d1000+1000 coins

Prices[edit | edit source]

Item Prices

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The promotional image of Towns 0.60 featuring Caravans.