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Combat in Towns is currently very basic and largely automatic.

Engaging[edit | edit source]

There are currently two ways to engage combat:

Engaging is an automatic feature, there is currently no way to tell Townsfolk to disengage.

Creating mobs of towns folk is currently one of the fastest way of clearing areas of the dungeon, and also the safest as, unlike soldiers, civilians with low health will occasionally retreat. By giving an order to mine or dig a large area, the civilians will become clumped together while engaging, making combat easier.
With a population of 30+, it is possible to clear even high levels of the dungeon. However, the deepest levels will still be a huge challenge.

Fights[edit | edit source]

Fighting is entirely automatic. The two combatants will strike as often as they can until the death. How often they hit and how much damage they do is entirely based on their statistics. There is no way to stop a fight once it has begun.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After a fight, if the Townsfolk is the victor, they will do one of several actions:

  • If another enemy is within their line of sight, they will engage them.
  • If they are below a certain threshold of health, they will retreat to a Hospital, if available.
  • If they are hungry or tired, they will retreat to eat or sleep.
  • If none of these occur, they will pick up the next available action (hauling, mining, etc).

Note that soldiers will only retreat to Hospital once no more hostiles are available. However they will retreat to eat and sleep if no enemies are within their line of sight.

Fighting Formula[edit | edit source]

The current fighting formula, as of 0.39.2, is as follows[1]:

if attack = defense -> you have a 50% chance to hit.
if attack > defense -> you have more than 50% chance to hit, up to 95%
if attack < defense -> you have less than 50% chance to hit. With a 5% minimum chance

References[edit | edit source]

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