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Commands are orders given to your Townsfolk via the bar at the bottom of the screen. They allow for quick mass tasks to be issued. When an order is selected to be issued, be it mining, placing a stockpile or putting down a storage barrel, the order will appear on the top right hand side of the screen and labeled your order.

Harvest[edit | edit source]

Symbol harvest.png

Harvest orders your Townsfolk to pick all fruit in a given area, be it from fruit trees or cacti.

Chop[edit | edit source]

Symbol chop.png

Issuing a chop command will tell all Townsfolk to chop all trees down for wood in the specified area. This command will skip fruit trees unless they have been harvested and bear no fruit.

Cut[edit | edit source]

Symbol cut.png

Cutting down an area will instruct Townsfolk to remove all bushes in the area. Keep in mind that trees grow from bushes, so only do this in areas you really want to keep clear!

Dig[edit | edit source]

Symbol dig.png

Digging is almost the same command as mining but Townfolk will dig one block below the current level. Right clicking and selecting "Dig ladder" will first dig a hole and then replace it with a set of stairs. Dig commands are outlined green.

Mine[edit | edit source]

Symbol mine.png

Mining allows your Townsfolk to remove adjacent tiles and harvest the minerals within. Mud can be mined from dirt, iron ore from iron tiles, etc. The order is issued on blocks of the same level and is outlined yellow.

Till[edit | edit source]

Symbol till.png

Tilling grass causes it to turn into humus, the basis for all farms and plantations. Humus can be reverted back to grass by right-clicking and selecting un-till.

Stockpiles[edit | edit source]

Symbol stockpile.png

See Stockpiles.

Zones[edit | edit source]

Symbol zones.png

See Zones.

Delete[edit | edit source]

Symbol delete.png

Delete commands can only be issued on existing scaffolding. If used on the lowest scaffold, the others above will succumb to gravity and fall downwards, allowing you to delete them all without changing levels.

Cancel[edit | edit source]

Symbol cancel.png

Cancelling issued commands is as easy as using the Cancel command and dragging the box over any tiles you've previously issued commands on. Townsfolk will still come if they're already on the way, but once they get to the tile, they will ignore it and take up a new action. Commands like digging and tilling can be cancelled even if the townsfolk has started the task.

Images[edit | edit source]

A visual miniguide on mining and digging created by Developer burningpet.
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