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Containers are an alternative storage system to stockpiles. Each container, regardless of type, can hold up to 10 items[note 1] , but only take up 1 tile of space.
All containers require 3 wood to make, and are crafted on a Carpentry bench and Wood detailer. If you have containers enabled on certain stockpiles, you may order some from the Production Menu and townsfolk will place the container on the stockpile without destroying the stockpile itself.

Raw Materials Barrel[edit | edit source]

Raw materials barrel.png

Raw Materials Barrels can store any raw materials, vanity and death related items (bones, human corpse, etc).

Raw Food Barrel[edit | edit source]

Raw food barrel.png

Raw Food Barrels can be used to store any kind of raw food as well as flour and wheat.

Prepared Food Barrel[edit | edit source]

Prepared food barrel.png

Prepared Food Barrels can store any type of prepared food inside including fruit.

Tool Chest[edit | edit source]

Tool chest.png

The Tool Chest is the place to store tools such as poison bottles.

Decorative Chest[edit | edit source]

Decorative chest.png

This chest isn't decorative at all, it's used for storing decorations.

ITE Chest[edit | edit source]

Ite chest.png

This chest is used for storing ITEs for safe keeping.

Weapon Cabinet[edit | edit source]

Weapon cabinet.png

The Weapon Cabinet is used for storing all weapons, be they choppy, clubby, shooty or stabby.

Armor Cabinet[edit | edit source]

Armor cabinet.png

The Armor Cabinet is used, unsurprisingly, for storing armor.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The only exception is Gold and Silver which fills up 2 spots. In other words, you can only store 5 of each per barrel.
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