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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

The controls of Towns are currently unchangeable. While this may be changed in later releases, for now it is worth learning the basic controls.

Arrow Keys/WSAD - Navigate around the map.
R/E - Cycle through Townsfolk (useful for finding lost/fighting Townsfolk).
H - Cycle through Heroes
Q/C - Cycle through floors.
Shift - Hold down while placing items to place multiple copies. Similarly, holding while placing zones or orders (such as harvest/chop/etc) allows you to select multiple areas. When using the production menu, holding shift while selecting quantities will increase or decrease orders by 5.
Ctrl - Toggles transparency for walls and buildings.
T - Toggles the flattening of terrain, flora and buildings near the mouse cursor.
Z - Toggles global terrain, flora and building flattening.
Space - Pauses/unpauses the game.
F2 - Opens the Production Menu.
F3 - Opens the Priorities Panel.
F4 - Opens the Caravan menu.
F11 - Toggles Fullscreen mode.
G - Toggles Grid.
+/- - Toggles Game Speed.
ESC - Brings up the system menu (settings in tooltip) to save, save and quit, just quit, options and cancel to get back into the game

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