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Symbol decorations.png

Decorations are objects in the game world that increase the happiness of nearby citizens. Consider placing them in personal rooms, dining rooms and other frequently visited places. They can be ordered via the Decorative menu which can be accessed from the right side-bar.

General Decorations[edit | edit source]

Table of craftable decorations
Icon Name Type Materials Utilities
Barrel.png Barrel[note 1] Indoor 2 "Wood" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"
Chest.png Chest[note 1] Indoor 3 "Wood" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"
Candlestick.png Candlestick Indoor 1 "Wood" , 1 "Stone" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"
Bonecandle.png Bone candle Indoor 1 "Bones" , 1 "Stone" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"
Bone torch.png Bone torch Indoor 1 "Bones" , 1 Torch , 1 Bone Carver
Potted plant.png Potted plant Indoor 1 "Wood" , 1 "Bush" [note 2] "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"
Bird-in-a-golden-cage.gif Bird in a golden cage Indoor 2 "Gold" , 1 Bird.gif "Smelter" + "Anvil"
Clock.gif Clock[note 3] Indoor 2 "Wood" , 1 "Iron" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer" + "Anvil"
Harp.png Harp Indoor 1 "Wood" , 1 "Stone" "Carpentry Bench" + "Mason's Bench"
Chess table.png Chess table Indoor 4 "Wood" "Carpentry Bench"
Bonsai tree.png Bonsai tree Outdoor 1 "Bush" [note 2], 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Red bonsai tree.png Red bonsai tree Outdoor 1 "Bush" [note 2], 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Red flowers garden.png Red flowers garden Outdoor 1 "Red flowers" , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Blue flowers garden.png Blue flowers garden Outdoor 1 "Blue flowers" , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Yellow flowers garden.png Yellow flowers garden Outdoor 1 "Yellow flowers" , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Cubical bush garden.png Cubical bush garden Outdoor 1 "Bush" [note 2] , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Spherical bush garden.png Spherical bush garden Outdoor 1 "Bush" [note 2] , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Two levels garden.png Two levels garden Outdoor 2 "Bush" [note 2] , 1 "Mud" , 1 "Stone"
Goblin pole.png Goblin pole Monster pole 1 "Wood" , 1 "Goblin Head" "Wood Detailer"
Hoboblin pole.png Hobgoblin pole Monster pole 1 "Wood" , 1 "Hobgoblin Head" "Wood Detailer"
Ghoul pole.png Ghoul pole Monster pole 1 "Wood" , 1 "Ghoul Head" "Wood Detailer"
Snicker pole.png Snicker pole Monster pole 1 "Wood" , 1 "Snicker Head" "Wood Detailer"
Troll pole.png Troll pole Monster pole 1 "Wood" , 1 "Troll Head" "Wood Detailer"
Stone statue.png Stone statue Statue 2 "Stone" "Mason's Bench"
Wizardjan statue.png Wizardjan statue Statue 2 "Stone" "Mason's Bench"
Gargoyle statue.png Gargoyle statue Statue 2 "Stone" "Mason's Bench"
Gold statue of Nux, the god king.png Gold statue of Nux, the god king[note 4] Statue 3 "Gold" "Smelter" + "Anvil"
Gold unifallow statue.png Gold unifallow statue Statue 3 "Gold" "Smelter" + "Anvil"
Sirian Caesar statue.png Sirian Caesar statue Statue 4 "Silver" "Smelter" + "Anvil"
Silver skootenbeeten statue.png Silver skootenbeeten statue Statue 3 "Silver" "Smelter" + "Anvil"
Grave.png Grave Grave 1 "Stone" , 1 "Human Corpse" OR 1 "Human Remains" "Mason's Bench"
Tomb.png Tomb Grave 3 "Stone" , 1 "Human Corpse" OR 1 "Human Remains" "Mason's Bench"
Moss covered tomb.png Moss covered tomb Grave 3 "Stone" , 1 "Human Corpse" OR 1 "Human Remains" "Mason's Bench"
Lizard tomb.png Lizard tomb Grave 3 "Stone" , 1 "Human Corpse" OR 1 "Human Remains" "Mason's Bench"
Red short flag.png Red short flag Flag/Sign 2 "Wood" , 1 "Iron" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer" + "Anvil"
Red long flag.png Red long flag Flag/Sign 2 "Wood" , 1 "Iron" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer" + "Anvil"
Wooden door sign.png Wooden door sign Flag/Sign 2 "Wood" "Carpentry Bench" + "Wood Detailer"

Colored Badgers[edit | edit source]

Colored Badgers.gif

These are Badgers which have been colored either red, blue or green, are made in an Arena. If a colored badger is within the line of sight of a differently colored badger, they will automatically engage in combat. When a colored badger dies, they will drop bones and/or badger meat like a regular badger.


Bait is used to lure badgers to the location it is placed. It does not require any material or utilities to make.

Items that negatively affect happiness[edit | edit source]

Human Corpse Human corpse.png
When a Townsfolk dies, it leaves behind a grotesque human corpse. This corpse depresses the remaining Townsfolk, causing happiness to go down. It spawns stink clouds, which cause a further negative impact on happiness. It can be crafted into a grave or tomb, but if left too long will decay into human remains.
Stink Cloud Stink cloud.gif
Stink clouds spawn from human corpses at a high rate. They reduce happiness, and can quickly multiply. They do eventually dissipate, but more will spawn so long as the human corpse continues to lie there.
Human Remains Human remains.png
If a Human Corpse is left to rot for too long, it decays into human remains. These remains have less negative impact on happiness, but they should still be dealt with by destroying it or crafting a grave or tomb. If left for too long, human remains have a high chance of spawning a Ghost of Past Heroes. They eventually rot to nothing, but this takes a very long time.
Purged Human Remains Human remains.png
As of v10 human remains will at some point no longer spawn Ghost of Past Heroes, and will show up as Purged Human Remains. They are identical in appearance to human remains. They are also one of the few materials that take up two units of space in the raw materials barrel.
Graves Grave.png

While graves and tombs are decorations that boost the happiness of citizens, they also spawn zombies and vampires every once in a long while, and since these are lower-dungeon enemies, ill-equipped citizens are not likely to survive and encounter with them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Barrels and Chests do not work like containers.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 To create a Potted plant or a Miniature garden one of your citizens must retrieve a bush from the surrounding area.
  3. Clocks can only be placed in Personal Rooms, Dining Rooms, Tavern Rooms and Taverns.
  4. The Gold statue of Nux, the god king was named after forumgoer Nuxohiz, who was the first recorded person to reach a population of 200 (and provide proof!).[1]

References[edit | edit source]