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Flora encompasses all natural vegetation, including trees and bushes. Fruit and bushes may be collected and planted on humus to provide an infinite source of the respective resource, which may also be auto-harvested in the Production Menu.
Note that edible flora such as mushrooms and fruit are not covered by this article.

Trees[edit | edit source]

Trees are the only place to harvest wood. By issuing a chop order on trees, Townsfolk will proceed to cut down any selected trees. Some trees however, may be a disguised hostile Tree Keeper and will attack anyone trying to cut it.
In any case, all trees will yield one piece of wood when cut down (or tree keeper defeated).
Different tiles spawn different trees, grass spawns two types of plain tree and fruit trees, snow spawns one type of pine tree, sand spawns palm trees and jungle spawns jungle trees.
Note that Fruit Trees require harvesting before they can be cut down, see below:

Grassland trees
Snowy tree
Palm Tree
Jungle Tree

Fruit Trees[edit | edit source]

Fruit trees come in four types: Apple Trees, Pear Trees, Banana trees and Snowcherry trees. Predictably, when a harvest order is placed on them, Townsfolk will harvest apples, pears, bananas and snowcherrys respectively. Once harvested, fruit trees will slowly regrow their fruit, or they may be cut down for wood. Each harvest will drop 1-2 of the fruit.
Unharvested fruit trees cannot be chopped down using a chop order, however they can be manually chopped down via the right click menu without harvesting first. Once harvested, they respond to chop orders like any other trees.

Fruit trees, from left to right: harvested, apple and pear
Banana trees, from right to left: harvested, bananas
Snow cherry trees, from right to left: harvested, snowcherrys

Cacti[edit | edit source]

Cacti spawn on sand tiles, and act similarly to fruit trees with the exception that they cannot yield wood. They give two Cactus Fruit per plant, which can then be used to plant a cactus on tilled sand. Both wild and planted cacti will regrow their fruit.

Cactus plant

Mushrooms and edible plants[edit | edit source]

There are currently two kinds of mushrooms: Cave mushrooms and Jungle mushrooms, the Cave Mushroom grows on snow and the Jungle Mushroom on jungle tiles. There is also one other edible plant, the blue radish that grows on jungle tiles.

Cave mushroom
Jungle mushroom
Blue radish

Bushes and Saplings[edit | edit source]

Bushes come in many types: 3 round green bushes spawn on grass tiles, jungle bushes plus banana bushes spawn on jungle tiles, and snowy bushes plus snowcherry saplings spawn on snow tiles.
Bushes and Saplings, both grass, jungle and snow, will often grow around fully grown trees, and will eventually grow into trees themselves. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave some trees standing, unless you want areas of flat barren ground.
Different bushes grow into different trees - the ones with red or green fruits will grow into fruit trees, for instance.
Plain grass bushes are used to make the Potted plant decoration, and will be gathered by Townsfolk when potted plants are requested. The other varieties of bushes may be used to make Hedges.
Jungle bushes are an optional ingredient in Mushroom Soup and Mountain Stew.

Grassland bushes
Jungle bush
Snowy bush
Snowcherry sapling
Banana bush

Flowers[edit | edit source]

Flowers come in 3 types: Red, Blue, and Yellow. They all spawn on grass tiles. Items that require flowers as a crafting material include Miniature flower gardens and Flower hedges.

Red Flowers
Blue Flowers
Yellow Flowers

Flowers can be harvested and used in the production of Colors at a Color Mixing Bench.

Red Harvested Flowers
Blue Harvested Flowers
Yellow Harvested Flowers

Misc[edit | edit source]

Carnivorous Plants[edit | edit source]

Carnivorous Plants are considered hostile and they spawn on single grass tiles, spread out throughout the map. If any Townsfolk, Animal or Hostile is unfortunate enough to step onto one of these plants, they will be inflicted with the Stunned and Bleeding effects, causing damage and loss of movement for a short period of time. Cooldown period is 1d220+220 (221-440).
They seem to be able to lure in animals as many bones and raw meats can be found lying around the wild carnivorous plants if left unattended.
One use for these plants is to serve as a trap when they have been harvested and replanted. Be warned though as the wild carnivorous plants may strike at townsfolk as they are trying to harvest it. Once replanted, they cannot lure nor harm animals making them safe to keep around your animal farms.

Carnivorous Plants