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Food is a very important part of making a successful town. Townsfolk require it to survive, and if they go too long without it, their movement and work speed will slow down and eventually they'll starve to death.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

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As your Townies do things, be it mining, farming, fighting or just standing around, they will eventially get hungry. If they are not fed, their movement and work speed will slow down and eventually they'll starve to death but this usually takes around two in-game days. The lowest movement speed they can reach is 20% of the standard speed.

Food is used to keep your Townies going at top speed. Food has several statistics, or parameters. These are:

  • Name = Name of the food.
  • Edible = If the food is edible or not.
  • Food value = How likely a Townsfolk will be to eat the specified food, the higher the more likely.
  • Fill % = The percentage of hunger that is filled by the food.
  • Time to eat = How long it takes to eat the specified food. The higher the time, the longer they take to eat it.

Types of Food[edit | edit source]

Food can be easily split into two types:

Different foods provide different amounts of nourishment: a Meat Pie fills up a Townsfolk's belly for longer than a single Apple.
A starving Townsfolk will eat raw food, but it will not keep them full long. Cooking food at a Bakery or a Kitchen first is heavily recommended.

Feeding the Populace[edit | edit source]

There are several early-game methods to feeding your populace. Arguably the easiest and most long-lasting is to create a working Bakery chain. Another alternative, is making omelets.

Baking[edit | edit source]

This involves the following:

This can be queued in the auto-production menu: click the center button to bring the menu up, then click Food, followed by Baking. For more information on the auto-production menu, please see the relevant article.
More advanced baking requires fruit from Trees and raw meat from Livestock.

Milk[edit | edit source]

You can also queue up orders to harvest Milk from cows, doe, and unifallow. This milk can be used in other recipes, or just drunk straight - it even fills up quite a lot of hunger. Building many Cow Farms is a legitimate early-game tactic to combating hunger.

Cooking without Iron[edit | edit source]

Building many Cow or Pig Farms then cooking their raw meat on a Cooking Fire is another early-game tactic. The fires require Flint, which is found by mining Gravel, which can be found early on by rivers/lakes.
Building a Kitchen with a Butcher Table inside is easily accomplished early-game, and will allow you to queue up orders to harvest the meat from the animals you farm.

Other languages:
Deutsch • ‎English