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Townsfolk can use Ladders to travel vertically between levels. Townsfolk can climb up or down single levels without the need of ladders. Aside from its practical functions, ladders can be used cosmetically with multi-story buildings. Currently, there is no way to control the ladders' orientation, though it can be predicted. A ladder will face(in order): Another ladder piece, the nearest wall, away from the nearest same-level opening

Dig/Mine a Ladder[edit | edit source]

Replaces a block with a ladder of the same material after choosing Dig a ladder.


Scaffold[edit | edit source]

Can be stacked vertically to allow access to higher levels. Primarily used in the construction of roofs and tall buildings. Uses no materials.

Vertical ladder acts much the same, but is meant as a permanent fixture. You need a carpenters bench and one wood to make one.

Vertical ladder

Stairs[edit | edit source]