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The Market zone is a place for Townsfolk to trade with visiting Caravans.

Usage[edit | edit source]

After building the market, caravans will arrive in your town weekly, excluding the first week of the game. You will receive a notification of the caravans arrival, but can't begin trading until it reaches your market. To begin a trade, click on the caravan icon and select the items you wish to sell or buy, and your townies will haul them to and from the market. Different caravans specialize in different items, and some even sell rare or unique items/materials.

Once the trade window is opened, on the left side in the top left is a number representing the amount of money the caravan has brought to trade. Below this, is a list of trade goods that can be traded. In the top right of the trade window is a number that represents how much money you have to trade with, and below it a list of what this caravan is willing to accept as a trade from your town. Note that not all caravans will accept the same types of goods from your town.

In the top middle of the trade window is a number representing the current value of the trade goods you are attempting to make a deal with. A negative number represents money your town will be receiving, and a positive number means money you will make. Be warned, that once you click the trade button at the bottom of the trade window, no further changes can be made to the deal that was proposed (with the exception of removing goods that you were bringing in return for money from the caravan).

Requirements[edit | edit source]

The Market zone requires at least a 3x3 tiled space.

Images[edit | edit source]

Market With Visiting Caravan
Caravan Menu
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