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Weapon[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapon's[edit | edit source]

Weapon name Level Attack Rating Defense Rating Damage
Curved blade 2 2d2 1 3d2+3
Bone axe 3 2d4 -3 2d4+2
Bone club 2 2d2 -2 2d2+2
Bone sword 4 3d4 -4 3d3+3
Direite axe 4 1d5+9 1d3+3 1d5+10
Fine Beater club 5 1d4+2 1d4+3 1d7+4
Ghoulite glaive 4 1d5+16 1d4+3 1d7+14
Goblinite spear 4 1d5+5 1d3+2 1d5+9
Hobgoblinite khopesh 4 1d5+8 1d3+2 1d5+9
Iron axe 3 2d4 1 2d3+2
Iron long sword 1 1d3+1 1d3+1 1d5+5
Iron mace 4 2d9 1 4d2+2
Iron short sword 1 1d3 1d2-1 1d3+3
Ogre club 3 1d2+1 1d2+2 1d5+3
Ogreite smasher 4 1d7+16 1d5+4 1d7+16
Snickerblade blade 4 1d5+12 1d3+2 1d6+10
Spiderite sword 3 1d3+3 1d2+1 1d5+7
Stone mace 2 2d6 1d1 2d2+2
Stone spear 1 1d6 1d1 1d2+2
Wooden long sword 1 1d3 1d3 1d3+1
Wooden short sword 1 1d2-1 1d2-1 1d2-1
Zombite mace 3 1d5+13 1d3+3 1d8+11

Ranged Weapon's[edit | edit source]

Weapon name Ammunition Rounds Time per shot Line of Site Defense Rating Damage
Fire wand fireball INFINITE 0 0 0 0
Arachnid bow woodenarrow 100 1d2 1d3 1d3 1d4
Throwing rock rockball 20 4 0 0 0
Wooden bow woodenarrow 100 1d2 1d3 1d2-1 1d3+1