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About[edit | edit source]

This page is for Mod Developers. The goal is to have all of the Mod's for a particular category have the same look and feel. If you feel the template should get changed then please make a post about it in the discussion page.

In order to use the template please edit it, select all of the text under the template header then create a new page in the Mods/Maps namespace (something like Mods/Maps/MAPPACKNAME). I will occasionally go through and grab the mod from wherever it is hosted and put it on the server so that it can get served quicker. If you do not want me to do this, then make a note under the discussion page for your mod.

Variables[edit | edit source]

Variable Name Type Description Example
<MODNAME> String The name of your mod My Awesome New Map Pack
<DESCRIPTION> String The description of what your Map Pack adds. Adds in new maps!
<YOURNAME> String Your name (can be a handle if you wish) bvierra
<FORUMURL> URL The forum URL for the Mod on the Towns Official Forums.
<IMAGEURL> URL The Link of a screen shot of your mod
<IMAGETEXT> String Description of the screen shot Really cool shot
<DOWNLOADURL> URL URL to the download
<MODVER> String Your mod version 0.1
<FULLMODVER> String The version of the full mod that this mod supports 0.40

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