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This map pack adds in some more variety to the base mod in terms of map's.


This mod is not being updated anymore, not like it worked at all in the first place...


Author bvierra
Forum BVierra's Map Pack Thread
Base Mod Base



  • Description: This map is made for beginners coming into the game. There are no enemies on the top level of the map at spawn.
  • Depth: 11
  • Terrain
    • Base: Dirt, Grass, Stone
    • Additional: Snow, Jungle
    • Mountains: 2
    • Water: 1 Lake, no rivers
    • Iron & Coal are guarenteed to be on the top level
  • Items
    • Trees: 700
    • Fruit Trees: 150
    • Mushrooms: 40
    • Cactus: 20
  • Enemies
    • Top (level 0): None
    • 1 Down (level 1): None
    • Level 2 -> Level 11: Same as the Normal map on Base

Screen Shots



Mod Version Full Mod Version Download
0.01 0.40, 0.40.1 Download 0.01