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ITEs are items dropped by hostiles that can be used to craft various weapons and armor. There are 8 different ITEs, and each are dropped by a different race of hostiles.



Spiderite is dropped by all Spiders, found mostly on the higher levels of the dungeon.
It is used to build the Itesmithy object, which is required for making all ITE armor and weapons. It is also used for crafting the Spiderbane Set, leather spiderite armor, spiderite swords and arachnid bows. Unlike most of the other ITE items, spiderite weapons and armor require iron rather than copper.



All Goblins drop Goblinite. These are found primarily at the upper levels of the dungeon.
It is used to craft the Horde Set, leather goblinite armor, boots of haste and goblinite spears. All goblinite items require copper.



Hobgoblinite is dropped by any member of the Hobgoblin race.
It is used to craft the Yellowlick Set and hobgoblin khopeshes. All hobgoblinite items require copper.



Any Direwolves can drop Direite.
It is used to craft the Mangy Set and direite axes. While the direite armor requires copper, the direite axe instead requires iron.



The sneaky Snicker blades drop Snickerite.
It is used to craft the Stealthy Set, leather snickerite armor and snickerblade blades. The snickerite weapon is unique in that it is the only ITE item that requires both copper and iron to craft.



Any member of the zombie hordes can drop Zombite.
It is used to craft the Necrotic Set, leather zombite armor and zombite maces.



Ghouls drop Ghoulite.
It is used to craft the Ghastly Set and ghoulite glaives.



Any of the malicious Ogres can drop Ogreite. These are found only at the lowest levels of the dungeon.
It is used to craft the Beastly Set, leather ogreite armor and ogreite smashers. These are the best ITE items currently available in the game, and are inferior only to silver, gold and special equipment.



Only The Burning Pet drops the rare Burnite.
It is not currently used for anything.

Other languages:
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