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Each of the Heroes and Townsfolk, be they civilian or soldier, have Statistics.
These statistics (or stats) can be augmented by equipping better weapons and armor.

The range of stats are as follows:

Statistic What it affects
Attack Turns How often the subject can attack
Attack Rating If subject's Attack Rating is higher than target's Defense Rating, increases chance of hit
Defense Rating If subject's Defense Rating is higher than target's Attack Rating, decreases chance of taking damage
Damage How much damage the subject inflicts on a successful hit
Hit Points How much health or life the subject has
Line of Sight How far the subject can see, and therefore engage, enemies
Movement % How likely the subject is to move while idling

Citizen Base Values

Attribute Starting Value Modified By
Attack Rating 1d599+800 Weapons, Armor and Effects
Attack Speed 5 Effects
Defense 1d300+300 Weapons, Armor and Effects
Health Points 1d400+1700 None
Damage 1d59+170 Weapons and Effects
Line Of Sight 1d3+2 Range Weapons, Rare Weapons
Move Percent 1d4+3
Walk Speed 60 Boots of Haste, Roads, Effects
Hungry Turns 1d1119+1760
Sleep Turns 1d719+2160