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The Stock Panel can be accessed via the small button on the left, under the date display. It lists every single item in-game and sorts them into seven categories, and within each category the items are sorted in alphabetical order. You can see how many of each item you have by looking at the number below the item's icon.


Stock materials.png

Raw Materials are listed here. It also includes raw materials used in vanity items like Colors and Hides. Human corpses fit here too, as they are required for graves and tombs.

Raw food

Stock raw food.png

Raw Food is listed here, including raw meats, eggs, milk, wheat and flour. Raw food barrels also lie here.


Stock food.png

Prepared Food is listed here, including cooked meats, baked items and fruit.


Stock weapons.png

All types of Weapons are listed here including melee, range and magic weapons.


Stock armor.png

All types of Armor are listed here: from wooden helmets to fire breastplates.


Stock utilities.png

Most other items fall into this category. Utilities, Tools , Buildings, Roads, Walls and many others reside here.


Stock vanity.png

Items which are for aesthetic purposes or raises the townsfolk's happiness are located in this section. This includes Hats, and Decorations.