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Exact information:

Hello, I was just wondering why the information here is very superficial! For example there is no specification how long stuff takes to grow, or (for bamboo and sugarcane) no exact number how close it has to be to water. I play minecraft and I sub 4 cannels there uploading videos often were they look into the gamecode and figure out exactly (!!) how the game calculate stuff. I was suprised that here the info isn't clear! Is there anyone out who could make this? Or is there anyone out who make it already? Or we even clound ask the devs (huge thanks to you for this awesome game!) - they should know how there game works...

--Harlekintiger (talk) 20:11, 7 March 2013 (UTC)

hello This is a wonderful wiki.

a note on farming/tilling/planting.

if you find a clump of several trees/wheat/bushes, you can till a zone including them. they are instantly available for farming/production/gathering, and spawn seedlings/bushes.

i dont quite understand many plants. eg: sugarcane, bamboo .. grow wild anywhere on the map. but must be planted near water, on tilled grass.

an answer to Harlekintiger above 2 squares ok... 5 is too far. but im unclear about distance, ie: x+2 y+2 as opposed to radius+2 theta+/-Pi.