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Template:Living Entity

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Use this whenever documenting a living entity, hostile or friendly.

{{Living Entity
| name = Name of entity
| image = imagename.png/gif/etc
| image2 = imagename2.png/gif/etc
| image2caption = Caption of the image on the bottom of the infobox
| type = Neutral/Hostile/etc
| habitat = Grass/Sand/Jungle/etc
| attackrating = The entity's attack rating, in digits (ie 3d12)
| attackturns = The entity's attack turn speed, in digits (ie 3d12)
| damage = Amount of damage the entity deals
| defense = Amount of defense the entity has
| hp = How many hit points the entity has
| movepct = Movement chance percentage of the entity
| item1|quantity1|rate1
| item15|quantity15|rate15

Type Neutral
Habitat Grass
Attack Rating 3d12
Attack Turns 3d12
Damage 5
Defense 6
Hit Points 7
Movement % 8
Items Dropped (Quantity) Rate %
Bone.png Bone (1) 100
Mud.png Mud (20) 95