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A regular Town.
Some wheat, cow and pig farms.
Some armored Townsfolk raiding the dungeon.

Towns is a game created by SMP for the PC and Mac.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Towns is an isometric-view town building/dungeon exploring simulation/management game that draws on inspiration from other games such as Dungeon Keeper, Diablo and, most famously, Dwarf Fortress.

You take control of a small settlement of Townsfolk, and must, through commands and production queues, ensure their survival in a hostile environment. You can order the Townsfolk to chop wood, mine stone, and craft structures and buildings such as wheat farms and bakery zones.

As your town grows, you can attract more immigrants who become civilians once they arrive. You must ensure your Townsfolk remain fed, and you must arm them so that they can defend themselves against hostiles.

Currently, the game features a basic dungeon below the town, a sprawling labyrinth of caves and corridors armed to the teeth with monsters. These dungeons are explored by heroes[1], and new updates will include, random loot[1] amongst other additions.

The game is available for purchase on the official site, as well as gaming platforms Desura, GamersGate and Steam. A 20-in-game day demo is also available from the official site.

The game is turning out to be very ambitious, and is being constantly updated by the SMP team.

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