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The populace of Towns, the Townsfolk (also known as Townies), can be divided into three categories: Civilians, Soldiers and Heroes.

All can equip various weapons and armor, and all will fight to defend themselves. Every townie will engage in combat if a hostile comes within their line of sight. If the Town has an available Hospital, they will visit it once they are wounded enough and are not in combat. When someone dies, a corpse will be left behind, and some of the equipment they were wearing will be scattered around.

Civilians[edit | edit source]

Male and Female Townies

Civilians are the humans that inhabit all Towns. They mine the ore, make the food, build the buildings and generally do all the busywork that is required to survive and thrive.

Civilians have statistics such as Attack, Defence and Damage. These can be increased and augmented by equipping them with certain Weapons and Armor. Unequipped Civilians can be easy pickings for the various beasties that roam the plains.

Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Civilians can be changed to Soldiers via the right-click menu: 'Convert to Soldier' (or via the citizens panel mentioned above). Soldiers can be switched back to Civilians in the same way. Soldiers differ from Civilians in that they do not do the manual labour that Civilians partake of. Instead they will come to the aid of any civilian under attack from a mob. Make sure to equip them prior to conversion.
NOTE: In versions 0.40.2 and previous, a Barracks (Building) was required to convert Civilians into Soldiers. Barracks were removed in Towns 40.2

Soldiers can be assigned to one of three roles: Guard, Patrol, and Boss Around.

  • Guard: The default task given to a Soldier when he/she has been switched from a Civilian. Guards will stay idle until a fellow townie is engaged in combat with a hostile. They will go directly to that area and assist the townie. When the enemy has died, the guard will idle at that location until another hostile comes within his/her line of sight or another townie is in need of help. Guards will not come to the aid of heroes in combat.
  • Patrol: Soldiers can patrol a set of assigned waypoints. Initially, the Soldier on patrol will not undergo any patrolling until waypoint(s) are set. Waypoints can be set via the right-click menu: Simply right click the location you want the Soldier to patrol, choose 'Add patrol point' and then choose the Soldier (or Soldier group). They can be removed in the same way or by changing tasks/converting to civilian. Soldiers on patrol will randomly switch between waypoints and will attack any hostile within their line. They will not go out of their way to help other townies in combat.
NOTE: By setting waypoints on a Soldier you can manually explore an area your Heroes have not ventured into yet. You can also set waypoints around your towns edge as a front line defense against a Siege.
  • Boss Around: Soldiers assigned to boss around take on a supervisor role. They will help speed up production time. An exclamation mark above the Soldier indicates that they are shouting orders. They will cause their target civilian to move and work considerably faster for a short period of time but at a price: their happiness will decrease. Additionally, they will only attack hostiles within their line of sight and will not come to the aid of a Civilian in need.

Soldiers do not have to work independently in those roles mentioned above. They can be split into groups and will congregate in their assigned Barracks zones. Groups can be configured via the Soldiers Panel.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

See Heroes.

Increasing Population[edit | edit source]

To increase your Town's population, you need to attract more Immigrants. To do this, you need to have available Personal Rooms, and also keep your current populace happy.

If you keep your populace happy and keep extra Personal Rooms, eventually you will receive the notification "Immigrants have arrived!" and your Civilian count will increase, but sometimes they won't be able to find their way to the town because it may be blocked so keep the path unobstructed.

With heroes, it's a little more than just a happy town. Every single type require different prerequisites and an available Tavern (and Tavern rooms if required). The maximum number of heroes you can have in your town depends on the number of citizens living there. Generally it's the square root of the number of citizens: i.e. 3 heroes for 9 civilians, 5 heroes for 25 civilians, and so on.

Configuration Panels[edit | edit source]

The Citizens Panel[edit | edit source]

This panel can be accessed by clicking on the furthest left large button in the top-center section of the UI. It allows you to monitor and configure any civilian.

Panel civilians.png
  • Scroll over the button with the image of the civilian to check their statistics. Click it to center the camera on that civilian.
    • The first row gives details about the civilian's basic stats such as: Health, Attack, Defence and Damage.
    • The second row is the happiness rating out of 100.
    • The third row shows the number of turns until the civilian needs to eat.
    • The final row shows the number of turns until the civilian needs to sleep.
    • If the civilian currently has a task, it will say what it is in between the first and second row.
    • If the civilian has any effects on itself, it will show what it is at the bottom.
  • The next four buttons can be clicked to configure the civilian's armor and weapons, starting from the left with the helmet, followed by the chestplate, pants, boots and weapons.
  • The large square button is auto-equip. Civilians will find the best armor to wear providing they can access it.
  • The last button converts the civilian to a soldier.

The Soldiers Panel[edit | edit source]

The next button, the soldiers panel, is similar to the citizens one and it also functions the same. You may view statistics, configure gear and convert to civilian. The difference is the group of four buttons on the right and the vertical group list.

Panel tasks.png
  • The top left button, the shield, gives the soldier the Guard task.
  • The top right button, the flag, gives the soldier the Patrol task.
  • The bottom left button, the exclamation point, gives the soldier the Supervisor task.
  • The last button assigns the solder a group.
Configuring Soldier Groups

The vertical list is the soldier group list: the first one belongs to solders with no group followed by groups 1 to 8. A red icon represents the currently selected group, green indicates there are members in that group and grey means there are no members in that group.

Panel soldiers.png
  • Names of groups can be changed by clicking on the square button on the left. This helps you identify which groups is which. If you change your mind about changing group names, make sure you click the "X" on the top right and not press the enter key or else your group will be unnamed.
  • The next three buttons can be used to assign the group a task. They will try and stay together as they're doing their task.
  • You may click on the second to last button to auto-equip all soldiers in that group.
  • The last button removes all soldiers from the current group.

The Heroes Panel[edit | edit source]

Again, the heroes panel is similar to the civilians panel. The difference is that you cannot configure your heroes in any way. You can view their gear but you cannot equip/remove it.